Waties Island Nest Count

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Action

Finally, some turtle activity on the beach today.  The tide overnight was very high, but none of the nests were washed over which was good news.  We got to see the Supermoon setting over Cherry Grove and when you turned around, the sun rising over the dunes.

Moon setting over the pier in Cherry Grove

On up the beach to Marker 8 where we found the first crawl of the day.  The turtle went high up in the dunes and turned around without laying a nest.

First false crawl of the day
Then on up past Marker 9 where we found the second crawl of the day - again, not a nest, but this time the turtle not only crawled up the dune but over the top and down the back side!  Then she returned to the ocean once more.
She was over the top
And finally on to the third crawl - looked very promising right from the start, even several ghost crab holes in the soft sand.  Sarah got a lesson in how to probe for the nest.  It took two tries, but we found the eggs.  The nest was above last night's high tide, so we didn't need to relocate it.

Now we are 6!
Sarah locating Nest #6

Check out this huge stone crab claw that was on the beach today --

We are still overdue for a few more nests - maybe this week will be a busy one.

Barb and Steve

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