Waties Island Nest Count

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Nest 14 - Waties First Green Turtle Nest

We were anticipating the inventory of this nest because we strongly suspected that it was laid by a Green Turtle.  We had never had a Green Turtle lay a nest, that we know of, since we have been tracking nests here on Waties.
Ghost Crab had opened the nest before us.

With the help of the Turtle Club from Coastal Carolina University, we started our inventory.  Nest is deep.

The finding of this hatchling confirms our suspicions.  The dark color and white trim with the white underside was our confirmation.  WE HAD OUR FIRST GREEN TURTLE NEST ON WATIES.  YAHOOOOO!!!!

As the eggs came out we could all see that they were larger than the eggs laid by the Loggerhead Turtle

This little guy was struggling, but did make it to the water.  Hopefully, one day in the future, if not this little guy,  one of his siblings will return to the island

The final figures for Nest 14:
 73 Hatched
35 Unhatched
2 dead
1 live

Not the greatest percentage which was disappointing.

Paulette, Robert and Barb take a measurement of the egg.

A chart showing the difference in the size of the eggs laid by the different turtles. 

Some information on a Green Hatchling vs a Loggerhead Hatchling which is the turtle we usually have on Waties.

This was a morning to celebrate!!!!

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