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Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Last Inventory - Nest 13

This morning we set out to inventory our last nest of the season and it was a strange one!  (And also a cool one; it was 57 degrees this morning!)

Sam and Todd did the digging and it was one of those nests where we felt we were "digging to China" again.  Lots of sand got moved before anything happened. Then a live hatchling was found on the side of the hole. But still more and more digging before the first egg was found. Finally!

Sam and Todd digging and digging
After it was all said and done, there were only 4 hatched eggs and 13 unhatched. Those, plus the 4 lost to DNA and ghost crabs, makes this the smallest nest we have ever had.

In the end, almost 30 inches deep

The whole nest contents

Burying the nest contents
There were four eggs that were possibly viable, so we reburied them closer to the surface.

Maybe they will hatch
Heading home

We'll check those last 4 eggs over the next several days to see if anything happens.

Barb and Steve

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