Waties Island Nest Count

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Nest 11 Inventory

It was a long walk up to the jetty this morning (but very enjoyable!) to inventory Nest 11. This was the nest that emerged on Labor Day with lots of tracks seen at the site.

No problem finding the eggs: final count was 108 hatched and only 5 unhatched, for an emergence rate of almost 95% - very good! And this mother turtle nested last year AND this year - two consecutive years which is a first for us. Usually loggerheads nest every two to four years.

Kaela and Elaine digging up the nest
Sharon handing over the egg shells

Leslie sorting hatched from unhatched

Only five unhatched out of 113 eggs!

The boat is still there, but maybe not for long! Irma's coming...
In preparation for possible beach erosion, we have removed the numbered markers to prevent any more plastic from entering the ocean. Plans are also in place to replace the plastic poles marking the three remaining nests. Hoping for the best!

Thanks to Bill and Paulette for sharing their photos.

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