Waties Island Nest Count

Monday, August 4, 2014

Nest #8 !!!

After three days of rain, thunder, lightning and no walkers on the beach, finally the Monday team was able to make it out to the island. But not for long: shortly after they arrived, another show of lightning came along.

BUT before their abbreviated walk ended, they came across a very promising crawl - just above the entrance, faint washed out tracks could be seen going up to a perfect spot in the dunes. It was raining by the time we found the eggs and the gnats were in force, but nevertheless, we now have our 8th nest of the season. Good job!

Sandy and Kim digging

Those tracks were from yesterday 

Kim's got it
While the tide was still low and we had the truck to protect us from the storms, we rode up to the jetty to check on Nest 2 and 3. Nest 2 was 65 days old as of today and Nest 3 was 53. Good news! Nest 2 emerged: there was hole over the nest chamber and the hint of tracks in the loose sand. All the other tracks to the water had been washed away by those weekend storms.

They've made their escape to the water

And you never know what will wash up on that beach --
How do these things float??

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