Waties Island Nest Count

Friday, August 22, 2014

Excellent Results for Nest 3! :D

 Waites was beautiful as usual this morning, 

...and apparently coughing up some of its treasures. This guy was still breathing, or trying to, so we put him back...though we all figured "swimming on its side" was not a sign of a healthy fish. ;)

And then we found this shark. I suggested we photograph him in the water and pretend he was large and still alive, but somehow no one thought anyone would believe that story.

 Finally towards the jettys on the far end of the island we found our destination, Nest number three. There were eggshell pieces at the top (as shown above).

Valerie helped me sort the eggshells into piles, as it was a long reach down into the hole. The real war was with the gnats (noseeums, if you're southern) that were forming an all but continuous cloud around our heads.

 Still farther to the actual pit!
Paulette helps determine the percentage of shell--

The chamber was a long way down, at one point requiring any diggers/egg counters to lie down for a good reach into the hole.

The eggs were tallied up...

...and we had excellent results! Only five unhatched eggs, leaving us with 103 whole shells--not even counting the "giblets" (meaning broken shell pieces under 50%: that is NOT a technical term, readers) that could easily compose a few hatched eggs on their own. All in all a lovely success ratio and a beautiful, if buggy day on which to have it.

Everyone say "TURTLES!" :)

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