Waties Island Nest Count

Friday, August 1, 2014

Nest #1 Inventory

We had a very large group join us the morning of July 31st for our first inventory.  Some from as far away as Rome.  Here Barb explains to our visitors exactly what we will be doing and why.  She tells them that this nest hatched at 60 days and that we wait three days to do the inventory to make sure all hatchlings have emerged.
To get started, Barb passes out gloves to those who will be taking part in the inventory.  This is done to prevent cross contamination.
The nest is opened up.  Right from the beginning, unhatched eggs are found.
As they progress, and further into the nest, a hatchling that did not make it is found.
The final results of nest one's inventory: 83 hatched, 32 unhatched for a total of 115 eggs.  (Two hatchlings did not make it.)

Hatch success ratio = 71.5%
Slightly lower than our yearly average for last season.

Mean hatch success for our 14 nests in 2013 was 74.2%.  We still have 6 more nests to go with a possibility of 1 or 2 more nests.
Barb is seen here recording the results which will then be entered into a state data base.
The contents of the nest are returned to nature.
Bill collects the gloves to make sure they are not left on the beach.


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