Waties Island Nest Count

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Startling Discovery _ Nest #7 VANDALIZED

Nest #7 (at the end of the island) was vandalized, a six inch hole dug into the ground. The cage itself had been pushed up several inches in the front, the back unearthed as well.
We think it was most likely a dog due to these tracks.

This is the hole when we found the nest.

A view of the hole without the cage, which we had to remove and re-position over the hole.

Christine and I filling in the hole and digging a new trench to replace the cage in.

another view of the unearthed cage and hole.
and another view of the tracks. Fortunately there was no signs that the dog had made it to the egg chamber so all turtles are most likely unharmed.

I apologize for the disorganization of this blog but I was having troubles with moving the photos. ~Jingle

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