Waties Island Nest Count

Monday, July 18, 2011

S E V E N T E E N !!

The old cabin is still standing

Now, let's go for the record - the 17th nest of the season was found this morning on the lower end of the island, just below the entrance.  This is the highest number of nests we've had since 2007 when our total was 17.  She laid her nest way up on the dune - this one won't get washed over in these high tides.

Nancy probing for the egg chamber
It's down there somewhere

 A pretty crawl, about 32" wide.
And there they are
Lots of broken vegetation around the nest chamber - she'd been digging around up there.
Eggshell for the DNA testing
Bob and Nancy in front of "Nancy's Nest"

Signed and caged - #17

The "family photo" for today:

Bob, Sandy, Nancy, Donna, Sherry and Chris

Then, on to the next chore - the stranding up by Marker 3.  This loggerhead was pretty big - not an adult according to DNR - but no lightweight either.  But check her left front flipper; it is much smaller than the normal one on the right.  It didn't look damaged that we could see.  Maybe something happened early in the growth cycle to stunt it.

Small left flipper

Ghost crabs and other flying insects already on the job.

Not as many barnacles on this turtle as some we've seen.

Being moved up onto the dunes

Many thanks for all the helping hands this morning - I really appreciated it.  Especially Bob, who keeps us ladies moving in the right direction.  Thanks, Barb

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