Waties Island Nest Count

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lucky Thirteen Today

A busy, busy morning with not one, but THREE crawls, all above Marker 9.

First crawl - 27" wide

Second crawl - 27" wide
 One crawl at the jetty where she must have run into rocks under the sand...

Then a second crawl a short way down the beach - we probed but found only soft dry sand under the surface.
Third crawl - 26/27" wide also

Then the third crawl just a short way down the beach.   She had been on the beach a long time too (the outgoing crawl was really long).

It's there somewhere!

But where??

There it is!
It was down there fairly deep too.

Dave, Steve, Valerie and Diane at Nest #13 
So now we number thirteen nests and more to come.

But not only did we have sea turtle activity, but it was wildlife day:  we saw lots of deer this morning, both on the mainland as well as on the island.  Pelicans, shore birds galore, and --

And a beautiful diamondback terrapin!  She was out on the middle of the beach, so we moved her back to the dunes.  But that's not where she wanted to be; when we finished our work at the top of the island, there she was making a long trek toward the water.  Guess she knows what she's doing.

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