Waties Island Nest Count

Monday, June 20, 2011

Number Nine, Number Nine...

Wasn't there a Beatle song with lyrics like that??  Well, the Monday team had to really work for today's nest:  Two false crawls to investigate along with the nest itself.

False crawl #4 was just above the entrance where the turtle crawled to the top of the dune before turning around and literally sliding back down (skid marks on the dune).  Then she made her way back to the ocean.  Track width measured 36", a pretty big momma.

The second crawl looked very promising with what appeared to be a nesting pit.  Crawl lengths were equal, but she could have nested before the high tide came in around 11 p.m.  We looked and looked, but weren't able to locate any eggs.  Same track width as the first false crawl too.  FC #5 

A rose for FC #5

Will the third crawl be the one?

Then on to the third crawl of the morning.  This one looked like the real thing:  the crawl lengths were very different indicating she had been on the beach for a while.  This track width was 36" too; if it was the same turtle, she had to be tired.

Donna and Sherry are checking out a soft spot.  Sure enough, the eggs were there. 

Nest #9 of the season --

The Monday team of Bob, Kim, Donna and Sherry
 (missing Sandy and Chris today!)
Great job everyone!


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