Waties Island Nest Count

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nest #6

Thursday was another great morning!  Chris and Bruce discovered the crawl on the lower end of the beach and Keela and Jingle, who walked all last season without finding anything, were rewarded with their first nest on Waties.

Today's find brings the total number of nests on Waties to six and it's only June 16.  This newest addition is only a few feet from Nest #3.  We could see that she had been on the beach for a while, even though some of the tracks had started to wash away with the incoming tide.

Jingle's first crawl
Bruce, Jingle and Chris locating the egg chamber

Karen Fuss pointed out an interesting coincidence:  in 2007, the year we had 17 nests, the sixth nest of the season was found on June 16, same as our Nest #6 today.  We can only hope for as busy a season as 2007.  That year, the last nest was discovered on July 27, so we have at least 6 to 7 more weeks of prime nesting days left.

Here's the one for the DNA study

Into the vial it goes

A big thank you to Chris, Keela, Jingle and Bruce for a job well done!

Barb and Steve

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