Waties Island Nest Count

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fourth Nest of the 2011 Season

But, first, ghost crabs galore on Nest #2 -

We are trying a new type of trap, a large plastic jug with a handle buried flush with the sand on the route the crab seems to take.  We're hoping it will fall in and not be able to get out again so we can move it far far away.

 This new nest was only about 20 feet from Nest 2 (the one with the ghost crabs).  A short crawl up to the dune line and a perfect nesting site.
A little probing and some digging and there are the eggs

We welcome 3 new people to their 1st nest, Seth, Ashley and Amanda.

A 3 inch visitor was returned to the ocean

Steve and Barb

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