Waties Island Nest Count

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

There Have to be Eggs Somewhere!

Just after nest #5 and before MM 6 our walkers came across another crawl.  A beautiful nest sight.  Disturbed/buried vegetation, thrown sand, scarping, and a big difference in the incoming and outgoing track, but we were not able to find the eggs.  We probed for 50 minutes.  We probed the mound, we probed the area as she entered, thinking she could have gone back over the nest site, we probed thinking she may have turned and then nested.  We checked and probed where we found soft sand.  We could not find those eggs.  We saw a Ghost Crab hole and even though it did not look like she would have nested there, we checked anyway.  Sand was hard in that area.

There are eggs there somewhere!

 Now for what is happening with the other nest sights.  the PN laid on 6/3/17 (52 days ago)  has a Ghost Crab hole that needs to be checked.  If I remember correctly, this was a long crawl along the dune.
 Nest #2:  We found a Ghost Crab hole and an egg on the surface.
 Nest #13:  Had 4 Ghost Crab holes.  We put a trap in the far left side away from the nest and where the tracks came from/led to.  We covered up the holes.
 Nest #4:  This took a lot of studying/analyzing.  It was not your normal looking emergence sight.  But after awhile we determined that we had an emergence.  This was verified when we saw about 12 hatchling tracks that were made when the tide must have been going out last night.

 Nest #8 below:  Another Ghost Crab hole.

A big thank you to Hunter's family who was very patient with all we had to do this morning.

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