Waties Island Nest Count

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

And We Found Them!

The eggs, that is. Yesterday the group worked on a crawl near Marker 6 for almost an hour. Surely looked like a nest with all the classic signs. So this morning, we gave it another try. Steve really had to work for this one; several soft spots were probed and dug up before finding the nest near the very front edge of the body pit. Certainly not where you would expect it.

But Nest 14 for the season!
Brooke's got the egg!

Pretty deep nest

In addition, Nest #2 emerged overnight with hatchling tracks heading toward the ocean. This nest was 67 days old, a slightly longer incubation than usual.

Big crater where the turtles made their exit

Tracks heading to the ocean
Barb and Steve

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