Waties Island Nest Count

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Nest #9 & Crab Activity on Nest #6

We lost another egg to the Ghost Crabs.  This morning there were many Ghost Crab holes.  Some very big and some smaller ones.  Seems like the word is out amongst the crabs.  We checked for crabs, found no evidence that they were still in the holes, and covered them up.  We also placed the new trap on the edge of the nest and took away the crab trap that was pulled off by the crab (s). 
A picture perfect nest between MM 1 & 2 and between Nests 3 & 6.  This time it is up in the dunes.
Note the drag marks.

 This nest was not quite as shallow as some of the others, but it was shallow.

 Emily and Justin took the egg for the DNA sample.
Everybody chipped in and we got the nest done.

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