Waties Island Nest Count

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Nest #6

We had no trouble identifying this as a nest.  Unfortunately as soon as we got to the nest there was a Ghost Crab hole with an egg on the surface.
 As a result of this we did not have to probe and only had to dig a few inches to find the nest.  This nest is similar in many ways to nest 3 in that the crawl had a drag mark, it is located between the high tide line and the dune and it is a very shallow nest.  It will be interesting to see the DNA results between Nests 6 & 3.

 Note the drag marks between the flipper prints.

 We also saw what looks like a mole was tracking under the sand.
 Foot print shows the size.
 It looks like what ever it was, came out and went back in.

We also have Ghost Crabs at Nest #1 & #2.
 Emily found an egg shell near one of the Ghost Crab holes.  We need to be watching the nests and reporting changes.  Pictures are great!!  Thanks Emily.

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