Waties Island Nest Count

Monday, July 18, 2016

Sunday, July 17th: The Record Breaking Continues -- Nest #22!!!

  The female loggerhead's pathway to and from nesting is located near Marker 6, a possible Nest #22.
                                    Kaela, Emily, and Justin prepare for the nest search.
                                          Marjorie examines the evidence of nest #22.

                        Steve does his "magic" probing for evidence of an egg chamber.
                     He repeated this procedure several times as the egg chamber was elusive.
       In the meanwhile, Marcelle and Valerie measure the turtle track width -- 34 inches.
                                    Kaela and Justin continue to dig, finally with success!
                                          Evidence proves we have discovered Nest #22!
                                Kaela removes the yolk and white from the DNA sample.
                                    The leathery egg shell is inserted into the vial for DNA testing.

 Steve, Justin, Kaela, Marcelle, Emily, Marjorie, Barb, and Valerie celebrate yet another record breaking nest.
  Thank you, Nick, for the photos.

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