Waties Island Nest Count

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Nest #18 (One More to Tie the Record)

Steve and I joined the Tuesday volunteers this morning and we were also joined by Karen's husband Jim. On the beach we found that the wind was really blowing, but those nests need checking and we're still looking for new nests.

There was a false crawl around Marker 5 - short set of tracks but nothing that looked like a nest. The wind blew the sand so that we couldn't even see where she turned around. Probed and subsequently marked with a PVC pipe - FC #12, 7/5.

But further up the beach around Marker 6.5, there was a nice set of tracks. The incoming and outgoing tracks were different lengths indicating that she spent some on the beach laying a nest.

The area up by the dunes was wind blown but there was a hint where the nest might be. Sure enough, after a few tries, the eggs were found. Number 18!

Margie, Steve, Jim, Karen and Debbie
 My apologies for the blurry photo (Barb)

The view over the marsh is always beautiful

Post by Barb; photos by Jim

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