Waties Island Nest Count

Monday, July 13, 2015

New Nest - July is HOT !!

Nest #3 this morning - a great way to start the day. After such a long stretch of not much activity, now two nests in three days and hopefully more to come.

This was a smaller turtle - the track width was only 28 inches - but she's a climber. Up on top of the dunes between Marker 5 and 6 she laid her nest. Because of all the sea oats up there, it wasn't obvious where the nest was, but we found it after probing for a while.

Long crawl up the beach . . .

and than crawled up the dune

Her nest, in the sea oats

Bob and Sandy offering support
Probing is hard work

Looking, looking, looking 

Paulette finds soft sand and the egg cavity
High and dry - no washovers up there

Leslie, Bob, Sandy, and Paulette

Thanks too to the rest of the Monday team who weren't able to stay this morning - Sherry, Donna, Kim and Maddy. Great job everyone!  Barb

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