Waties Island Nest Count

Saturday, July 11, 2015

FINALLY!! A New Nest

Beautiful morning, nice gentle breezes and a very welcome surprise: a crawl between Marker 8 and 9

She crawled up to the wall and turned right for a short distance before digging her nest.

Took a lot of probing though; the actual nest cavity was at the far edge of the circle - almost outside it. Not where we expected to find it.

This turtle isn't very big: her track width measured 30 to 32" wide and she seems to have a barnacle or growth on her plastron which makes the drag mark in the middle of her tracks.

A lot of digging and Jeanne was just able to reach the egg for the DNA sample. It was pretty deep!

Nest #2 DNA sample

This one won't hatch until mid-September

Steve, Jeanne and Pat - nice shirts!

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