Waties Island Nest Count

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Turtle Crawl Today!!!

The beginning of the season on Waties Island! A beautiful morning and a long walk up the beach to the jetty where the first crawl of the season was discovered.

Exciting find today

A quick turn around - no nesting attempt this time

Outbound crawl right on top of inbound
There was no attempted nest here; it appeared to be a quick in and out - False Crawl #1. But she may come back tonight and try again.

The tide was really low this morning and we were able to get around the bottom end of the island. That end has changed so much, it is hard to recognize. Still beautiful.

A live knobbed welk 

And a big clam!

The reusable trash bags - they are too pretty for trash

Love the design on the bag too - beach trash items
Hoping for another crawl tomorrow!

Barb and Steve

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