Waties Island Nest Count

Sunday, May 24, 2015

First Nest of the 2015 Season

Nesting Season has officially started on Waties Island. It seems that the turtle who did a false crawl on Friday night made a return visit last night and this time she found a better spot to lay her nest. Nest #1 is just a short distance above the beach entrance and before Marker 3.

This is a loggerhead nest, the most common of the sea turtles here in South Carolina.

Looks like the real thing

Steve looking for the egg chamber

Kristin, Samantha and Renee looking for the eggs
Kristin showing first time volunteers, Samantha and Renee, how to dig to find the eggs. One egg shell was collected for the DNA study to identify the mother turtles who nest along our beaches.

Found them!

Nest #1 Family Photo

Now we just have to wait: 55 to 65 days (or maybe a little more; the first nest always seems to take a little extra time) for signs of hatchlings making their way to the ocean.

Barb and Steve

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