Waties Island Nest Count

Friday, October 10, 2014

A Spooky Walk On Waites

The first rays of rosy sunlight were just peeking over the horizon when we drove down to the beach.

Still no signs of activity on nest 8, however there were these unusual animal tracks dotting the sand over and around it.

The sun finally mounted to the sky giving us this magnificent view!

And that's when things got creepy. These animal hands were poking up out of the dirt accompanied by a nice flurry of flies...zombie raccoons, anyone?

And then we found this...ear?...and screamed for a good two minutes. 

Chances are, it's something else. At least we hope so. But it was still a very spooky walk today.

However, there is nothing spooky about this:

A mother deer's tracks are here, running alongside the smaller tracks of a baby.

All in all, it seems even Waites is getting ready for Halloween.

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