Waties Island Nest Count

Monday, October 20, 2014

10/18/14 Final Inventory for 2014 - Nest #8

A big bang this morning on Waties Island for the final nest inventory of the season. 72 hatched eggs, 22 unhatched, 8 dead hatchlings and 1 live hatchling. THANKS everyone for all your help with the Waties Island Sea Turtle Monitoring Program!

Karen Fuss

Reminder, we had a total of 10 successful nests this season. One emerged from what we originally thought was a false crawl, and the other was a complete surprise. Nest #8 was the last posted nest to emerge.

Final nest of the season to emerge

 The depression noted on Sunday, 10/12/14

Our first little hatchling was found stranded on the 12th and helped on its way.

Good luck little one!

 Saturday, 10/18, Inventory begins

  Live hatchling found on the day of inventory

 I may be slowww, but I'm sure!

 This is why we do what we do - saving the Loggerheads!

 Last live hatchling of the season making its way to the ocean.

 Thank You Volunteers!

See you next year!

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Photo journal by RHeilmann

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