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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Report of Turtle Stranding by NMB near Hog Inlet

The following stranding was reported to Barb via email by Linda of the North Myrtle Beach Turtle Patrol  on 6/17/14:

I just got back from a stranding call at the 53rd Ave Boat Ramp in Cherry Grove. A turtle got caught up in a fishing line off the Pier along side the boat ramp. A kayaker quickly came over; the turtle was stranded on thee bank, he cut the line wrapped around the turtle's neck. While cutting the line, he noticed that the turtle was suffering from a boat strike and had at least 3 deep gashes on it's carapace. Not knowing what else to do, he pushed the turtle back into the water (ugh), it swam away and then he called his friend who is a NMB STP volunteer. I was called down but of course the turtle was long gone. I was given the following picture.

I spent about an hour over at the boat ramp, talking with people and hoping the turtle would strand again but no such luck. This turtle is severely injured. Little change, but I wanted to give you a heads up in case it strands somewhere on Waties. I would assume around Hogs Inlet.

Thanks, Linda


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