Waties Island Nest Count

Sunday, June 15, 2014

False Crawls #18 & 19

We thought DeeDee was gone for a while, but she's still trying.

Up in front of Marker 9 we found two false crawls, the first one showed that she was on the beach for a while - the incoming and outgoing tracks were quite different in length. Steve probed where she attempted a nest but found nothing.

The second crawl about 10 feet west of the first one was her again. This crawl was newer; the tracks covered her outgoing tracks from false crawl 18. This time, no attempt was made to nest; just up to the "wall of sand" and back to the ocean.

The tides were very high the last two nights and Nest 2 and 3 did get overwashed, but they should be fine.

Recognize these tracks?

Barb and Steve

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