Waties Island Nest Count

Monday, September 10, 2012


Nest #6 inventory was done this morning.  121 eggs were laid on July 9, 2012.  One egg was taken for a DNA Sample.  120 eggs were relocated due to the nests proximity to the high tide line which put it in danger.   It hatched in 57 days.  Inventory was done today, three days after hatching to give all hatchlings a chance to get out of the nest.

After removing the cage and poles, the nest is dug up carefully watching for any hatchlings that may have not been able to get out of the nest.

As the eggs are removed, any shell fragment 50% or more are counted, along with piped and unhatched eggs and live and dead hatchlings

We found one dead hatchling not completely out of its shell and counted as piped, and

three live hatchlings

These hatchlings took a very long time to reach the water and had a difficult time making it into the waves.  Because of their  lack of energy/strength, it is doubtful that they will make it.  But we gave them a fighting chance.

Barb and Steve H. document the results of the inventory for entry into the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources' data base.          Relocated eggs = 120; Unhatched or piped eggs = 13; Hatched eggs = 107; Live hatchlings = 3;  Hatching Rate = 88.4%;  Emergence Rate = 86%

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