Waties Island Nest Count

Monday, September 3, 2012


  Nest #5 was laid on Saturday, July 7th. around mile marker #7.  It was laid on a little shelf of sand with a wall of sand behind it. When the nest was discovered there was one broken egg which was taken for the DNA sample.  On Sunday, Barb and Steve decided that the nest would not survive and relocated it to an area around mm #2.  During the relocation they found 4 more broken eggs near the middle and bottom of the nest.   Total eggs laid = 125; minus one broken egg for the DNA sample and 4 additional broken eggs.  This left a total of 120 eggs that were relocated.  

Nest #5 had hatched during the night of August 30th/31st which was counted as Day 55.  Today, Monday, we had a large crowd come out for the inventory.  Before Dave and Paulette removed the cage, we noted some additional hatchling tracks from the night before.

 Barb  passed out gloves to the three who would be digging up the nest.
While digging up the nest Jingle hollers, "I've got a live turtle in a shell."  After much discussion between Barb and Ann Wilson, a Ranger at Myrtle Beach State Park who came up for the inventory, it was decided that the hatchling was ready to be released.  During the discussion the hatchling climbed out of the shell and there was no sign of the egg sack present on the plastron, or under side of the hatchling, and it seemed ready to go.

The hatchling was brought down to the beach.  After a moment in which one of his flippers did not seem to be moving, he then headed for the water and hopefully the sargassum where the currents meet.

Ann, Paulette, Nancy and Barb continued the inventory.  The final results:  90 hatched eggs and 30 unhatched eggs.

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