Waties Island Nest Count

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Busy Day On Thursday, 7/12/12

 Of the two crawls found, the first up by the jetty, was a false crawl.
 Still have to take measurements and do the paper work though.
 Those pesky tracks, fresh, on her crawl!
 Second crawl, lower end, between marker 1 and 2, was more productive!
 Steve, probing the wrack.
 Found it!
 Digging up to relocate, above high water line.
 Placing the eggs back. In a safer place.
 In the name of science.
 One shell is sent out for DNA testing.
 Great job, Carrie, Jim, Flossie, Mario, Bill, and of course, Barb and Steve.
What are you looking at?

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