Waties Island Nest Count

Sunday, July 29, 2012

And One More!

Who laid that egg - Big Bird?

Nest #8 this morning - could it be the same turtle that nested on July 19?  This is 11 days later and it is possible it was her.  The crawl was just below Marker 6 on the high tide line.  That canine was there too, just starting to dig into the nest.

Nice and neat - in and out

What is that critter??

She should have gone just a little further up the beach

Chelsey had help moving the eggs from visiting granddaughters, Mia and Hannah.  

That's a deep hole!

105 eggs to go

Sometimes it hard to see the "V" which points to the way the turtle came from, but with this crawl it was easy to see.

Alternating tracks indicating a loggerhead

The new location is just above the entrance; easy to check on in mid to late September when it emerges.

Nest #8

Mia and Hannah

Steve, Chelsey, Barb, Paulette, Diane and Merrill in the foreground

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