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Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Photos

Saturday was whelk day - lots and lots of live whelks just under the sand at the low tide line.  Everyone got to see what the animal looks like in its shell.  We also saw moon snails in their shells. Our regular volunteers, Jackie and Chris were there, as well as Brianna and Samantha from Coastal, We also had a visitor from Ohio walk with us and a Coastal employee and her daughter who plan to join us on our Saturday walks.  Welcome!

A live whelk

Saturday crew

Sunday was a bit cloudy and threatening rain, but we did get both trash cans emptied (I'm still amazed sometimes at the things that wash up on the beach).  

There were both great egrets (all white) and endangered wood storks (black and white) far out in the marsh.  The US Fish & Wildlife Service describes wood storks -

" Wood storks are large, long-legged wading birds, about 5O inches tall, with a wingspan of 60 to 65 inches. The plumage is white except for black primaries and secondaries and a short black tail. The head and neck are largely unfeathered and dark gray in color. The bill is black, thick at the base, and slightly decurved. Immature birds are dingy gray and have a yellowish bill. "


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