Waties Island Nest Count

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Season Has Started at Waties

As we were headed to the island this morning, Dave says "I think we' ll find something this morning."  We walked almost to the end and I said "Doesn't look like we have anything today."   With that Dave said "Looks like we've got something ahead."  Sure enough!!!! Right at the end of the island there was a crawl.
                                                                                  Dave and Linda say "Hmmmm, do we have a nest?

She was probably going back into the ocean when we entered the beach.  Note the dragging marks on the inside of the of the crawl.
She really wanted to lay those eggs because she travelled all over the area.

Barb and Steve analyzing the site!

Paulette in training!!! 

She was a good size!  Her crawl was 37"

Friday was a good day this week for Dave, Valerie, Arlene, Linda and Paulette!  Even if it was a false crawl.  The season has started for Waties!!!!

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