Waties Island Nest Count

Sunday, May 29, 2011

First Nest of the Season!!

Finally, after three false crawls, our first nest of the season on Waties.  You'll see it down on the lower end of the island below Marker 1.  There was lots of vehicle traffic on the beach from yesterday, but luckily this turtle came up after they were gone.

Nest #1 on lower end of the beach

Turtle crawl over the ATV tracks

ATV tracks on the beach overnight.

Testing the sand before probing
There they are
Paulette and Kat looking for eggs

Happy volunteers Dave, Steve, Barb, Kat and Paulette.
Photographer Valerie behind the lens.

The eggshell for DNA analysis
The most essential item of the morning!
Those no-see-ums today were fierce!  I mean they were BAD...  And this spray was sitting at home on the shelf.
Keep checking the site; more photos may be posted later today.

Barb and Steve

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