Waties Island Nest Count

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The cycle of Life and Death

As an eerie fog crept over the beach, the sun slowly rose to start the day.

The short side walkers rejoiced at new life, with scattered ..bird eggs..or at least we are pretty sure they are bird eggs.

The long side walkers, we not so lucky.  Near the end of the walk, it was a valley of death.  First a fish, next to a ghost crab hole.  Then we stumbled across a dead rodent and a dead dog.

When we regrouped, we found another bird egg (if you guys want to see it live, check out the grasses right in front if marker 3, we moved on to there).

We also looked closer at one of the Portuguese man of war (there were several on the beach) and found this little guy to still be alive.  In fear of being stung, we left it to its untimely demise.

(Sorry if the entry was to grim for some of you.)

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