Waties Island Nest Count

Saturday, May 20, 2017

And... We're Off! Our Nesting Season Has Started

Not one nest this morning, but two! AND the walkers even got to see one of the turtles returning to the ocean. No pictures though; she was very close to the water and got away before they could take any photos.

Nest #1 is between Marker 5 and 6 on the island. She laid it in the middle of the beach but above the high tide line, so we didn't move it, but we did place a cage over it to keep horses and ATV's from inflicting any damage.

Nest #1 in the middle of the beach

Steve looking for the nest

Part of the team - the rest were working on Nest #2

Then on to the other crawl (this is the one where the walkers saw the turtle entering the ocean). This nest is between Marker 4 and 5 and again, in the middle of the beach.  She took a meandering path on her way back to the ocean. We caged this one too to protect it from horses and ATV's. 

Nest #2 - Not a straight crawl back into the water!

The wandering return to the water

Thank you Nick and Steve for taking all the photos and to the whole team for all their help this morning!


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