Waties Island Nest Count

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Nest #22

Although we often see beautiful sunrises, today's was absolutely stunning (thank you Leslie for sharing).

Red sun in the morning...

Nest #22 near the overturned boat was inventoried: just below the surface we found a hatchling. It had a deformed right flipper and wasn't able to make it out of the nest. With a little help from friends, it was finally able to make it to the water and start the big swim.

Right flipper undersized

Hard work pays off

Of the 119 eggs originally laid, 92 were hatched, 26 unhatched and one was taken as the DNA sample. No dead hatchlings and two live ones were counted for a 71% hatch success ratio. Not bad!

Thanks, Leslie for sharing your pictures.


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