Waties Island Nest Count

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Nest #6 Inventory Results - September 4, 2015

This morning, an inventory was done on Nest #6. The nest was almost three feet down and it seems amazing that those hatchlings could make their way up through all that sand. Nevertheless, we found 50 hatched eggshells and no unhatched eggs. We also found five dead hatchlings, but one live one! The tide was very low and the walk to the water very long, so we set the hatchling down a bit closer to the ocean. It had lots of support along the walk and successfully started it's journey out to sea.

Nest #2 is now 55 days old, Nest #3 is 53 days old and Nest #4 is 49 days old.  More inventories soon!


Digging and digging!

 It is a very deep hole!

Karsen, SCMSS master's student, brings the live hatchling closer to the water.

Watching the hatchling make its way to the ocean.

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