Waties Island Nest Count

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Inventory of our Wild Nest

This nest was first discovered on the lower end of the island when shells were spotted on the sand at the edge of a dune along with a hatchling partially in its shell in the clutches of a Ghost Crab.  Because the nest would be definitely and heavily  washed over due to the expected high tide and its location, it was decided to relocate it.                                  

While Steve H. and Flossy dug up the nest, they found some of the shells in a hole that continued to the right.  Probably a Ghost Crab.

The relocated nest had 67 viable eggs in it.  Only 2 unhatched eggs were found at inventory today.  65 hatched!! These totals were added to the numbers collected over the past 11 days since we first discovered the nest to make up the totals below.
These totals were submitted to SCDNR today: 
106 eggs were laid in the original nest.
91 hatched and 15 were unhatched, for 80% success rate!!
We teased Dave that he was personally responsible for 65 of these turtles making it to the water!!
In addition to the new gate where the horses turn off to the left, we have another sign and two poles with a line stretching across the entrance to the beach.
Donna Lewis, from the Coastal Educational Foundation, met us at the shed this morning and joined Steve H., Flossy and Bill, Paulette, Karen (a new walker), Dave and I on the beach for the inventory.


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